Mummy of 2, officially.

Hey hey hey!

Say hello to that little fingers! (and the unexpected big wide yawn)

It has been only slightly over a month that i am officially a mummy of 2. Oh the struggle of keeping up, is so so real. Especially when the elder one is only 13 months old. 

So #babyHS2 had to be delivered through cesarean section (c-sect) and i kid you not, i told my hubby i’d do natural birth 10 times over, i’m okay with that. Just don’t let me go through another c-sect. 

Well, that’s based on my experience and here’s why:

1. I missed the elder one.

Because he just turned THE BIG ONE about 2 weeks before i delivered #babyHS2, it is obvious he didn’t understand what was going on. He came to visit me at the hospital and cried for me to carry him. And because i was still hurting from the op, i had to say no. I really missed him for the first 1 week at least.

2. Longer hospital stay

I mean, come on! Who loves staying in the hospital?!

3. Longer recovery period

With #babyHS1, i recovered within a week of the natural delivery. I can do things as per normal by the 5th day although i was abit slow. But believe it or not, now, 1 month later, i am still in recovery mode. I remember the first 2 weeks being so tough i almost cried for feeling like a weakling. And now, i even have to be more cautious. I used to do alot more around the house but now,hubby says to leave it all to him. Ahh, that’s a plus point for having a c-sect. Heh.

4. I miss my panties and jeans.

Hmm.. this may be TMI, but seriously, i can’t wear my panty without hurting the the wound area. Even up till now. It can really get a little too painful okay? Jeans? Forget it. I don’t even wanna try putting it on. My life revolves around yoga pants and dresses now. Haha!

5. I was scared of showering.

I am just gonna be honest here. I didn’t shower for the first week. Hurhurhur.. Although i had hubby to help wipe me down, but you know, nothing makes u feel fresher like a shower does.

6. I felt like i didn’t “deliver”.

So you get visitors, they asks about your labour story and you don’t have much to say because it’s elective c-sect. So someone commented “oh, so u didn’t really deliver la…”. Hmmm.. that someone deserves a stab on her tummy.

7. The jab.

For 3 nights i was in the hospital, the nurses mercilessly jabbed me on my tummy. To prevent blood clots they say. The pain that comes after the jab is nothing compared to the wound itself but i wouldn’t want to remember it. Urghhh.

I can give you a long list but i guess this is enough. Don’t wanna make mummies going thru c-sect read this and make them feel anxious. Hahaha!

Life now is definitely more hectic with two under 2. But i’m definitely still learning to cope.

Now i’m off to get some sleep, see you when i see you!




Failed attempt.

So.. the ECV procedure was a failure.

My little baby just refused to budge, even a little.
Thing is, he’s in a footling breech position but i gave it a shot because you know what they say, you don’t know until you try it yourself!

Image result for footling breech

The doctors also mentioned he is in a weird position whereby his body is slanted to the left side of my tummy and his face is facing upwards!
HAHA! My baby’s complicated even before he’s born!

So for the benefits of those mamas worried about their breech babies and wants to try the ECV procedure, here’s what i went through.

  • My appointment was set at 9am, and i was asked to fast since the night before in case there is a need for e-csect if baby is in distress or waterbag ruptured, etc etc etc. (phew! thank god all was a-okay!)
  • They put the CTG devices on me and started monitoring baby’s heartbeat.
  • 10-ish, a doctor came to do some simple scanning, to check the baby’s position, water level and confirmed that it’s safe for a try.
  • 10 minutes later, another specialist came in and did another scan. she then explained the risks, briefed me on what’s going to happen and stuff.
  • Administered a type of medication i forgot the name to relax my muscles and the 2 lady doctors started the procedure. During the procedure, they kept pushing and scanning to make sure baby is fine.
  • For about a good 15 mins, they tried to turn my baby but he really just won’t budge. In the end, procedure abandoned because they wouldn’t want to put too much pressure and rupture the sac.
  • Continued monitoring baby’s heartbeat for about and hour or so before they released me home.

I would say that the process itself wasn’t painful but probaby because my baby just won’t budge that makes it a little face-cringing for me.

Yes, i was a little disappointed that the procedure was unsuccessful. To make things worse, i begged my husband to take leave from work to accompany me because the clinic doctor said he will be allowed in for the procedure. But in the end, he had to wait outside for about 4 hours.

But hey, i tried and it didn’t work. So i believe God has better plans for me than what i have planned for myself.

To the other mamas worried about their breech baby, i wouldn’t recommend you calling any makcik urut to get your baby back into position. Just to be safe, i would rather you go through the ECV in case baby is distressed, caught in his own cord, etc etc etc. Just make sure baby’s safety is your priority!

We scheduled for a csect birth next week (at 39 wks) and till i become a mother of 2, see you next time!