Keeping up with the supply.

Wondeful morning.

What’s not wonderful about pumping 400ml of breastmilk? Honestly, this is the highest yield i’ve gotten so far, with the 2nd highest being 320ml.

Honestly, I felt like a failure when i had to stop breastfeeding my #1 at 7 months because i was at my 2nd trimester with #2 and my supply dried up. Nothing i did could help me get my supply back up. So that was it, my breastfeeding journey stopped at 7 months when i had aimed to breastfeed for at least a year if not 2.

So i figured, with #2, i am given a good chance to not repeat my breastfeeding mistakes. And Thank God, this time round, my supply is so much more compared to the first time. 

I had hoped to tandem feed but the elder one just won’t latch. So i pumped fed him with EBM and latch the newborn.

So i’ll share my lessons learnt from #1.

1. Latch baby as soon as possible.

This, i couldn’t achieve.

With #1, i could only see him after 24 hours as he was brought to NICU right after delivery. Yea, i didn’t even get a glimpse of my baby yet. And throughout the hospital stay, i couldn’t room in with him and i could only direct latch (DL) him on his 3rd day. 

With #2, slightly lesser waiting time. 11 hours after my csect, i got him wheeled in and room in with me. I didnt get to see my #2 as well as he was brought to SCN right after the procedure. But the rooming in and latching on demand way before the 3rd day definitely helped my breasts get used to a baby’s suckling hence activating the milk production.

2. NO pacifier (for at least the first few wks)

I’m not against pacis here. In fact, being a first time mum (FTM), there was a lot of learning process with the #1. So when my mum shoved a pacifier into my #1’s mouth on his 5th day and convinced me it will make him more contented, i said okay. Little did i know, this pacifier would affect my supply!

With #2, 9 weeks on and no pacifier, i have no other choice but to nurse and nurse and nurse. No matter if he’s feeding or just for comfort. It is his suckling that helps me produce more milk.

3. Pump after latch (to be very careful)

Because i am feeding 2, i pumped after latching. I needed to pump out so i could feed the elder with my EBM. However, i think this really isn’t necessary if you’re not crazy over supply.

Trust me, it can get quite tiring and imagine the amount of washings to do! It also improved my supply so much that my #2 gags at my breasts each time during feeds.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Hydrate like crazy.

Kid you not, i drink at least 2l of plain water.

And then i’ll have my coke, red date & longan tea, milk,yoghurt drink, date milk, milo, etc etc etc.

Just be sure you’re hydrated so that the body can do some magic and turn that water intake into precious milk for your LO!

5. Massage your breasts

If i’m lucky enough to get 10 mins shower time, i’d probably be using 7 mins to massage my breasts out under the hot shower. Helps me get the milk flowing and make sure no blocked ducts!

6. Not supplementing

As a FTM, i basically knew almost nothing about breastfeeding and i had no close friends who were mums to help me with my breastfeeding journey.

As my #1 was in NICU he was supplemented with Formula milk. So we continued mix feeding him until much later where we decided to stop supplementing and let him just DL instead. 

And when you supplement, baby don’t suckle. And when baby don’t suckle, your body does not need to produce milk. Hence,you milk production is affected.

7. Latch on demand

Previous point, mummies! Baby suckle = milk production.

The more baby suckles, the more milk is produced!
These are a few of the mistakes i learnt from. However, while at this,you may want to avoid being an oversupply mummy cos there’s much more problems then just more milk. Go read up on that yea?!

Oh, it’s feeding time! Gotta go! See you next post!

Love,  MamaHS