Welcome to me and you and you.

This is the post excerpt.



It’s almost a year since i am a mummy to my babyboy and i am currently expecting #2 due in Jan 2017!

Life’s a struggle and i kid you not, once you have a baby, the shit just got even more real.
However, i’m blessed to have a loving (just sometimes) and ever-ready hubby who is so hands-on with this quite new parent roles we have now.

Living on our own, in the East side of SG. And really, its quite tough being a new parent and have to be on your own. But like everyone else, you just go to go through it man. Because if it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger.

So that’s some self-introductory post for you. 🙂

I’d probably pen down my personal feelings, baby/mummy item reviews and the parenting struggles i go through right here. So if you’re interested, just keep coming back to messedupmamahs.wordpresss.com yea? I’ll see you soon for the next post!

Mama HS