Pack, packing and still not packed.

Hey hey!

So now what? 36weeks into the pregnancy and i’m so not ready yet.
I started packing my hospital bag only yesterday but i couldn’t pack it all. I felt a little lost even when i have made some effort into making a Hospital Bag checklist!

Yet to pack the bag for #1 too and today, I AM PANICKING! (because i have felt more intense contractions)

So for those first time mummies out there wondering what to pack for your hospital bags, especially if you’re giving birth in KKH, here’s what i packed. Of course, i have an extra column for the #1, in case daddy forgets to bring “entertaining” stuff for our firstborn.

hospital-bag-checklist-1Do note that the hospital provides disposable undies for us mummies though. I just like being “extra” because i still have the one i bought when i was gonna deliver #1, 1 year ago and it expires only in 2019!

Now, anyone willing to share what they packed for the elder siblings who would be sleeping over at the grandparents’ while mummy is in labour? Heee.

Mama HS


Author: #mamahs

mummy of 2

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